This story includes sounds. Headphones recommended.

It's night, and you're going to bed. Later you'll be joined by your partner, whom you love dearly

This is a piece of interactive fiction telling the tale about a couple going to bed at night. It's a tale experienced by many.

It's also a tale of sexual consent. About the word no. And about what the lack of those things and what that might mean for the people involved.


This piece of fiction was created during the No More Sweden game jam.
Music: Please No by Yrrow licenced under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.


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The sound works really well in this - good job.

Usually I'm not a big fan of interactive stories, but it was written and designed so hauntingly that I almost had goose bumps. This type of disgusting manipulation has been described so succinctly and in particular the 'mind palace' scene was memorable. Great job, thanks for that! <3 Happily I recommended your game on our blog in an article and uploaded a playthrough video as well. Thank you for giving these blurry lines a very clear outline.

Best wishes,

Perspective delivered perfectly. great reminder to partners about patience and understanding.